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If You Share Images Containing Sin



IF someone shares images containing sin, when there are other people who look at the picture, then that person is a sinner, and those who share are participated guilty of the sins of the notice.

One person sees, a sin he can get.

Ten people seee, ten sins he can get.

One hundred sins, he got a hundred sins.

A thousand sins of those who see, he gets a thousand sins.

…. and so on.

Remember … besides charity jariyyah, there is also the name of sin jariyyah. That is the sin that continues to flow even though the person had died. An example is sin as above. Although people to share images that are dead (for example), then that sin can continue to flow if there are others who see the image.

Are we ready to bear the punishment from Allah?

If there are already posted images containing sin. Forgive beg to Allah, and delete the picture, before already seen, or shared constantly by people.

If we lack good deeds, at least don’t multiply sin. []

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