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Fig, Not Just Ordinary Fruit



THERE are many benefits on the fig as submitted Allah in His Book and even used as a tool swear by Allah; such is the fruit Tin contain beneficial minerals and is very useful in cancer prevention, activate body cells, delay aging, mithalobutonidz contains a substance secreted by the brain; is a substance that is very important and necessary for the work of the heart, brain and organs.

Therefore, it is important to consume figs for someone whose has aged 35 years to supply the body so that it can retain its vitality article.

And in some other studies also confirmed that some fig leaves of thorny trees beneficial to diabetes. Does not deserve the fruit is used as a tool to swear by Allah, even devoted to serve as the name one of the letters in full name.

والتين والزيتون * وطور سينين * وهذا البلد الأمين * لقد خلقنا الإنسان في أحسن تقويم

“For the sake of figs and olives. And the Mount of Sinai, and by town (Mecca) is a secure, We created man in the best possible way, “(At-The Fig: 1-4).

Everything happens by the will Allah. It is not Allah create something that vain but certainly there is a silver lining. Allah created this fig fruit with numerous benefits in it. Masha Allah…[]

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