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Pleading Serenity with Istighfar




“So I say to them:”Ask forgiveness to thy Rabb, surely He is the Forgiving. He will send rain to you in abundance. And augment wealth and your children, and make you gardens and held also in it for you rivers. “(QS. Nuh: 10-12)

GET plenty istighfar so you can find your way out, get peace of mind, wealth is lawful, pious family, and heavy rain. Allah has made clear that if we want a lawful possessions, tranquility and everything, then the first time we are doing is begging for mercy. Because it may be, all the good luck that of Allah has not sent down because of immorality-immorality on Allah.

Allah says,

“And you shall ask forgiveness of your Rabb and repent to Him. (If you do such), He will give the pleasure of a good (continuous) to you until the predetermined time and He will give to each person which has the virtue of (children) primacy. “(QS. Hud: 3 )

In a hadith mentioned: “Whoever reproduce seek forgiveness, Allah will provide a way out for any anxiety and would open the door out of any narrowness.”

You have to read a lot sayyidul istighfar, as contained in the hadith of Sahih Bukhari:

“O Allah, you is Rabbku, there is no God other than You. You created me, and I am your servant. I’ll run all promise to You with all my abilities. I seek refuge to You from the evils that I did. I come back to you with all thy favor upon me and I acknowledge my sin, so forgive me for nothing forgive the sins except You. ”

So what else shall we wait? Want rizki airy? Want a calm heart? So do seek forgiveness, ask for forgiveness to Allah for sinners that we have done. []

Reference: La Tahzan / Work: DR. Aidh Al-Qarni / Publisher: Qisthi Press

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